Vital Baby Protect Healthcare Kit
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Vital Baby Protect Healthcare Kit

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Vital Baby® always has the health and safety of your baby as our number one priority.
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Vital Baby Protect Healthcare Kit

Vital Baby always has the health and safety of your baby as our number one priority.  Designed to give you peace of mind and reassurance when caring for your baby, the award-winning Ital Baby Protect Healthcare Kit contains essential baby healthcare items you will need throughout your parenting journey.

Perfectly sized for adult hands and little noses, the Baby Nasal Decongester has a 100% soft silicone tip which is delicate on tiny nostrils.  It has been designed to help clear baby’s nose quickly, efficiently and with ease, when they are unable to clear it themselves. It just needs you to gently squeeze on the soft base, meaning less sniffles and tears all round. It can be easily disassembled for hygienic cleaning and sterilising.


The 3 in 1 Flexisafe Fever Alarm Baby Thermometer has been developed for oral, underarm and rectal use, providing you with ultimate reassurance.  It provides a fast and accurate temperature reading when you need it most. The built-in memory function helps you keep a record of your baby’s base temperature and temperature changes, so you can easily keep a track of their health.


Suitable for use as a room or bath thermometer, the Vital Baby Protect 2 in 1 Thermometer in a cute bear design, monitors both baby’s nursery temperature and is 100% safe for use in water to give you extra peace of mind at both bath and bedtime.  It offers a fast and accurate reading and the built-in display and LED light alerts you when the bath is too hot, ensuring you are doing your very best for your baby’s safety.

The Vital Baby Protect Healthcare Kit comes in a hygienic, clear case for easy transportation and storage. 

Healthcare Kit Contains

– Baby nasal decongester with soft tip to effectively clear baby’s nose
– Flexisafe fever alarm baby thermometer with safe soft tip and memory function to store record of baby’s temperature
– Nursery and bath thermometer with built-in display and LED light (batteries included)
– BPA-free
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