Hedrin Lotion 150ml
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Hedrin Lotion 150ml

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Hedrin Lotion is used for the eradication of headlice infestations. It works in a physical way by covering the louse and effectively drowning it.
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Hedrin Lotion

Hedrin Lotion is used to eradicate headlice infestations.

It does not use pesticides or have a nasty smell. Hedrin Lotion can also be used on multiple occasions with no risk of the headlice developing a resistance to the active ingredients.

Hedrin Lotion
is suitable for those 6 months old to adult.

Hedrin Lotion
works iby covering head lice and effectively drowning them.

Active substance: Dimeticone (4% w/w).
Other ingredient: Cyclomethicone 5.

Adults and children over 6 months:
  1. Cover dry hair from base to the tip with Hedrin Lotion to ensure that no part of the scalp is left uncovered.
  2. Spread the liquid evenly through the hair from roots to tips.
  3. Allow hair to dry naturally.
  4. Hedrin Lotion needs to be be left on the hair for a minimum of 8 hours or overnight.
  5. Wash out the lotion with normal shampoo, rinsing thoroughly with water.
  6. Treatment should be repeated after seven days.
Children under 6 months: Should only be treated under medical supervision.
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